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It is tragic to me that 1.8 million people in my state (one of the more wealthy in the nation) don’t know where their next meal is coming from. It is unacceptable that the number of needy served in its 14-county area by a dedicated local food bank has grown by about 2,500 a month this year over last. Many of those served are employed full time, but don’t make enough to keep up with the rising cost of food. It breaks my heart that one in three of those hungry people are children. But these are the hard facts reported in my local newspaper by reporter Debra Pressey. 

Perhaps it’s only a token, and I wish I could help more, but here’s my offer: Every cent of royalties I receive on sales of my novel, “The Baby River Angel,” from now to the end of June will go to the Eastern Illinois Foodbank. This is one of the most responsible service agencies I know of, run by dedicated people whose sole purpose is to help the needy. They manage to get far more out of a single food dollar than you or I ever could.

“Baby Angel” is a positive story about well-intentioned people who come together to do a good thing. So far as I know, there’s nothing in it that has been found offensive to any reader. Here’s a link: http://tinyurl.com/n4ked6z 

I hope you will check it out, but I do NOT want you to buy a book that you don’t find of interest. Just share this bit with all your FB friends. Together, maybe we can be of a little help. 

The Baby River Angel
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